Create packages

In addition to testing and releasing your existing packages, can help you create new packages.


There is a venerable Python library called PasteScript which lets you execute commands like this:

$ paster create -t basic_package my_app

This command creates the files and directories of a Python package for you. Otherwise you’d have to do something like this:

$ mkdir -p my_app/my_app
$ touch my_app/
$ touch my_app/my_app/

In addition to the core templates provided by PasteScript, there are add-on templates available for almost any kind of Python project you can think of.

Through the web

You can think of as “PasteScript through the web”. To use it, sign in and select Create new package from the Manage packages section. Then select a template and enter a package name. Then press the Create button.


If you have not entered them, you will be prompted for your GitHub credentials.


Now wait (a few seconds) for the results.

These results indicate your package has been created on GitHub. You can verify this by signing in to GitHub to check for the new package.

Test and release

You can now test and release your new package, as described in the Introduction.