Welcome. helps Python programmers package and release their software with just a few clicks. To get started, please follow the steps below:


  • Sign up for the beta (if you haven’t already):
  • Sign in to with your GitHub account.
  • View your dashboard:
  • You are now using the free plan.

Package slot

  • The free plan provides access to a single package slot, which you may use to select any repository from your personal GitHub account. (You may select/unselect a single repository an unlimited number of times. However, if you use the service regularly to manage more than a single package and/or you want to manage an Organization’s repository, please consider purchasing one of the paid plans.)

Select repository

Warning does not know about any version control system integration tools you may be using locally e.g. setuptools-git, so the package you select must contain a properly configured file, otherwise you may inadvertently create a brown bag release.

  • Now select a repository that contains a Python package you would like to test and release.

Test release

  • Now press the “Test release” button to send your package to the test index server. You should see:

At this point, you can perform additional testing using the test index e.g.:

$ pip install PACKAGE -i


Once you are confident everything works as expected, release your package to PyPI by pressing the “Release” button. This will create a release tag for you on GitHub based on your last commit. (You can also Create packages.)

Report bugs

Please report any issues you might encounter here:

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